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(hī'par-tēr'ē-ăl, hip-ar-),
Below or beneath an artery.
[G. hypo, beneath, + artēria, artery]
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Other manifestations associated with the polysplenic group include bilateral bi-lobed lungs, a midline liver, variable stomach location, and hyparterial bronchi.25 Intestinal malrotation is common in this syndrome, but complications such as obstruction or volvulus are infrequent.
Both main pulmonary trunks coursed over the main stem bronchi (Figures 1C, 1D, and 3A), representing the characteristic bilateral hyparterial bronchial pattern seen in this syndrome.
(1) The syndrome is characterized by bilateral bilobed leftsided lungs and hyparterial bronchial pattern, intrahepatic IVC interruption with continuation of the azygos vein, a centrally located transverse liver, a stomach in an indeterminate position, and multiple spleens, all of which were present in our patient.