hyoid arch

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second pharyngeal arch

the second visceral, or branchial, arch; the second postoral arch in the branchial arch series.
Synonym(s): hyoid arch
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hy·oid arch

(hī'oyd ahrch)
The second visceral, or pharyngeal (branchial in fish), arch; the second postoral arch in the pharyngeal arch series.
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hyoid arch

the visceral skeletal arch that lies directly behind the mandibular arch and supports the floor of the vertebrate mouth.
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For example, in the neurocranial cartilage of larvae exposed to 5 x [10.sup.-7] M RA as gastrulae, the ventral elements of all seven arches can be found (Meckel's cartilage in the mandibular arch, the ceratohyal in the hyoid arch, and the ceratobranchials in the branchial arches).
They possess a typical balistoid (Balistidae, Monacanthidae, and the Ostraciidae) hyoid arch with no hypertrophy of the first branchiostegal ray or the associated hyohyoideus abductor muscle, and the pectoral girdle is unmodified relative to other file fishes (Matsuura 1979; Tyler 1980).
the ossification of the ligament connecting the suspensorium to the ethmoid region (190: 0 [right arrow] 1) and the interhyal (ossified or not) being connected by ligaments to both the hyoid arch and the suspensorium (225: 0 [right arrow] 1) (see Appendix 2).