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(hī'men-ăl), Do not confuse this word with hymeneal.
Relating to the hymen.
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Relating to the hymen. usage note Often misspelled hymeneal, or so mispronounced.
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(hi'men) [Gr.]
A fold of mucous membrane that partially covers the entrance to the vagina. Contrary to folklore, the presence or absence (or rupture) of the hymen cannot be used to prove or disprove virginity or history of sexual intercourse. Pregnancy has been known to occur even when the hymen is intact. hymenal (-al), adjective

annular hymen

A hymen with a ring-shaped opening in the center.

hymen biforis

A vaginal membrane with two openings separated by a thick septum; the structure partially covers the os.

cribriform hymen

A hymen with many small perforations. Synonym: fenestrated hymen

hymen denticulatus

A hymen with an opening with serrated edges.

fenestrated hymen

Cribriform hymen.

imperforate hymen

A hymen without an opening. Menstruation occurs, but the blood cannot escape from the vagina because of the obstruction of the hymen. The treatment is surgical incision of the hymen.
Synonym: unruptured hymen

lunar hymen

A hymen shaped like a crescent moon.

ruptured hymen

A hymen that has been torn by coitus, injury, or surgery.

septate hymen

A hymen in which the opening is separated by a thin septum.

unruptured hymen

Imperforate hymen.
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Rather than simply describe a prolapse as small or large, POP-Q staging compares the location of specific anterior, posterior and apical sites to the hymenal ring.
The origin of SCEVs has been proposed to be from a possible embryonic remnant.[1] Although the embryologic development of the vagina is controversial, the hymenal ring appears to be derived from the urogenital sinus.[1,17,18] The greatest controversy exists on the relative contributions of the mullerian ducts and urogenital sinus to the development of the vagina.
No doubt, one could argue that the blood in the dream is hymenal blood, in which case Alison, despite her age and experience, is displaying herself subliminally as virgin and Jankyn as her first sexual partner.
According to the letter, there is a "possibility" of hymenal penetration but nothing more.
Medical examination of the victim child revealed large introitus with the hymenal ring definitely stretched.
Most commonly, the distance is less than 5 cm, and we are able to make a transverse incision where the hymenal ring should be located, carry the dissection to the upper vagina, drain the obstruction, and mobilize the upper vaginal mucosa, suturing it to the newly created introitus to formulate a patent vaginal tract.
(1) The involution at the level of the vestibule and hymenal carunculae leads to introital stenosis, which is often associated with dyspareunia.
In her resolution, Bungay said: "It is surprising to know that a person, claiming as a 16yearold minor (sic), has healed hymenal tears at 3 o'clock, 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 7 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions."
It is an evagination from the walls of the urogenital sinus and is the most common developmental aberration of the female tubular organ with a variable degree of hymenal persistence (Roberts, 1971 and Arthur et al., 1989).
Palpate the LA muscle laterally, at the four and eight o'clock position, just superior to the hymenal ring.
After the sexual assault the medico legal examinations has been focused on specific hymenal findings that suggest a child/woman has been sexually abused.
She has a somewhat bulky uterus, with significant uterine prolapse, 3 cm past the hymenal ring.