Relating to moisture.
[G. hygros, moist]
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Designers will be able to more confidently perform hygrothermal modeling to optimize their buildings, as well as promote the advantages of energy and hygric modeling to their clients.
Within the Forest District concerned in the study, eight habitat types of forests occur, among which the mesic and hygric deciduous forest--Tillio carpinetum covering 64.
Figure 6 shows slowing of the wetting process when the moisture reaches the interface due to the interface hygric resistance.
Mechanical, Thermal and Hygric Properties of Buildings Materials
Soils are observed to be generally shallow and include cryogenic mineral soils, poorly developed podzols, and some hygric organic soils.
Fossil pollen at Cerros Negros appears to reflect a grassland with junipers, mesquites, and possibly oaks in proximity to a hygric system with walnuts, hackberries, ashes, and sedges.
Materials are selected from a material database or specified by providing thermal and hygric properties so that assemblies can be built from one or more layers of different materials.
Although the ventilation supply is kept constant, building fabric hygric inertia induces some slope in the vapor pressure excess from winter to summer while related time lag results in a little higher excess in autumn than in springtime.
In this phase it must be particularly important to balance the hygric status through water ingestions.
Higher CP values are generally associated with organisms living in hygric environments whereas lower rates are associated with organisms living in more xeric conditions (Appel and Tanley, 1999).
Hygric (Hydric)--A soil environment with a high moisture supply.