hydrops of gallbladder

hy·drops of gall·blad·der

accumulation of clear, watery fluid in the gallbladder as a result of long-standing cystic duct obstruction.
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The reported frequency of gastrointestinal involvement in HSP varies between 29% and 69%.[5] Gastrointestinal symptoms most frequently include abdominal pain and guaiac-positive stools.[5] Other gastrointestinal manifestations of HSP are protein-losing enteropathy,[6] functional intestinal obstruction,[7] steatorrhea,[5] hydrops of gallbladder,[8] and pseudomembranous colitis.[8] Potentially life-threatening complications that might need surgery, such as intussusception, intestinal obstruction, bowel infarction, necrosis and perforations, massive GI bleeding, pancreatitis, hydrops of gallbladder, and scrotal swelling mimicking testicular torsion.