hydrophobic interaction

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hy·dro·pho·bic in·ter·ac·tion

interaction between uncharged substituents on different molecules without a sharing of electrons or protons; entropy-driven interaction.
Synonym(s): apolar interaction


1. pertaining to hydrophobia (rabies).
2. repelling water; insoluble in water; not readily absorbing water.

hydrophobic interaction
interaction of nonpolar (un-ionizable) hydrocarbon molecules forced together because of stronger water-water interaction.
hydrophobic signal peptides
15 to 30 amino acids located at or near the N-terminus of a protein that always includes a hydrophobic core of at least eight nonpolar amino acids, found in proteins that are synthesized on membrane bound ribosomes and destined for export from the cell.
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Clearly, adding any extra steps was not a real option, so SynCo convinced us that we would need to harness the benefit of hydrophobic interaction, especially as it worked well in their preliminary evaluation.
The addition of salts to ionic surfactant micellar systems causes a reduction in the surfactant intramicellar head-group interaction, and often an increase in hydrophobic interaction.
In the case of ethyl acetate the hydrophobic interaction with ethanol systems seems to be relatively weak and the disturbing effect of ultrasound on the solvent structure is more pronounced.
2[micro]] fragments were prepared by pepsin digestion and purified by hydrophobic interaction HPLC (8,10,11).
This geometry is believed to be constrained by the hydrophilic and hydrophobic interaction with water, since few enzymes retain their catalytic properties when dissolved in organic or other solvents.
One clue to their properties is hydrophobic interaction, the same phenomenon that keeps gasoline and water from mixing.
This explains that some of the hydrophobic decanediol segments may agglomerate through hydrophobic interaction, and form some physical crosslinking points in addition to chemical crosslinking.
UK) presents a basic biotechnology laboratory guide to various protein purification techniques, including solubility, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, affinity chromatography, and size exclusion chromatography.
The micellization of the amphiphilic polymers occurs through phase separation caused by the hydrophobic interaction (31), (32).