hydrophobic interaction

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hy·dro·pho·bic in·ter·ac·tion

interaction between uncharged substituents on different molecules without a sharing of electrons or protons; entropy-driven interaction.
Synonym(s): apolar interaction
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It should be noted that alkyl chain of surfactant is an important factor that strongly influences adsorption behavior and structure of adsorbed layer due to the presence of hydrophobic interactions. To predict the effect of alkyl chain, the concept of hemimicelle is well-known.
In general, the binding reaction results from hydrogen bonding, electrostatic interaction, hydrophobic interaction, and van der Waals force.
Compound (13) in Figure 7 has unsaturated alkyl group which may provide extra hydrophobic interactions resulting in better binding efficiency [79].
(4) Surfactants, similar to HEUR, will adsorb onto latex surfaces via hydrophobic interactions between the latex surface and hydrophobes of the surfactant.
(21) The HPLC method consists of a polystyrene divi-nylbenzene column that would only allow for hydrophobic interaction s--the same chemical interaction during the initial stage of tannin-protein interaction, and was modified from a previously published method.
According to the views of Ross and Subramanian, [DELTA]H > 0 and [DELTA]S > 0 imply a hydrophobic interaction, [DELTA]H < 0 and [DELTA]S < 0 reflect hydrogen bonding and van der Waals interaction, and [DELTA]H < 0 and [DELTA]S > 0 imply electrostatic force.
Chemically, only two types of interaction are plausible between BA molecules: H-bonding and hydrophobic interaction. Hydrophobic interaction is not specific and it can occur between any large amounts of molecules leading to condensation, which is a first-order phase transition with a nearly horizontal plateau in the isotherms.
From the [Ligplot.sup.+] diagrams (Figure 4), it is observed that compounds C1, C3, C5, and C8 show a hydrophobic interaction. One N-H ...
The software automatically generates schematic diagrams of protein-ligand interactions for a given ligand in aPDB file and the number of hydrogen and hydrophobic interaction was predicted.
Sorbact's unique methodology uses the natural process of hydrophobic interaction to bind and inactivate bacteria and fungi.