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readily absorbing moisture; hygroscopic; having strongly polar groups that readily interact with water.
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1. Denoting the property of attracting or associating with water molecules, possessed by polar radicals or ions, as opposed to hydrophobic (2).
2. Tending to dissolve in water.
3. Polar.
Synonym(s): hydrophilous
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making use of the action of water to achieve pollination.
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As this is a plentiful type of collagen in the ganglionic ECM, it is supposed that strongly acid GAGs are also present, and do not show a most significant reaction due to the high hydrophily and to the fixative used as well.
These mechanisms include protogyny, chasmogamy, heterostyly, self-incompatibility, self-sterility, entomophily, anemophily, and hydrophily. The remaining flowering plants have evolved physically separated, unisexual flowers.