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readily absorbing moisture; hygroscopic; having strongly polar groups that readily interact with water.


1. Denoting the property of attracting or associating with water molecules, possessed by polar radicals or ions, as opposed to hydrophobic (2).
2. Tending to dissolve in water.
3. Polar.
Synonym(s): hydrophilous


making use of the action of water to achieve pollination.


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Breeding systems, population structure, and evolution in hydrophilous angiosperms.
The pollination modes are: An anemophilous, En entomophilous, Hi hydrophilous.
If drainage is poor, the soil becomes waterlogged and boggy and the mosses are first replaced by more hydrophilous mosses, mainly from the Polytrichales, such as Polytrichum commune, and then by different species of sphagnum moss.