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Relating to hydropathy.
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Comparisons of the hydrophobicity plots of these 6 aa variations demonstrated small hydropathic changes.
Variations between 2 clusters have been observed in variable region 1 because of 3-aa length differences and in the variable region 2 because of a substitution from 440 Leu to Gin, the latter of which dramatically affected the hydropathic character of this region.
Priory Manor at Priory Road, Malvern, built in 1832 and once a spa house and centre for hydropathic therapy.
Keith said the research had discovered a variety of uses for the building, including as a training college for clergy from 1856 to 1886, and as a hydropathic spa, entertainment centre and botanical garden between 1892 and 1900.
During the late Victorian age it became a water treatment spa called the Pine Dell Hydropathic Establishment and the First World War saw it taken over as a training centre for new recruits of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
Spring Hill College was miraculously born again as the Pine Dell Hydropathic Establishment, and its grounds became the Moseley Botanical Gardens.
Wilson brought his hydropathy to Malvern in 1845, converted the Crown Hotel into Graefenberg House, and added a couple more hydropathic establishments for good measure.
Cure-seekers started coming here in the 18th century to take the iron-rich water, eventually under cover in the Chalybeate pump room, at the heart of the town's hydropathic activity.
I have always thought Beardsley's fatal tuberculosis was exacerbated by his treatment at Dr Grindrod's hydropathic clinic in the hills above Malvern with its regime of cold, wet sheets wrapped around the patient, even in December.