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Relating to hydropathy.
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Sobriety, piety and freezing water were recurrent themes at what was then known as the Crieff Hydropathic Establishment, the first in what would become a number of Scottish spas offering healthy aqua cures to ailing Victorians.
Analysis of the hydrophobicity of this mutation site showed minimal influence on hydropathic characters.
In 1870 Tiutchev went to Karlsbad for hydropathic treatment and encountered Amalia Kriidener there (with her second husband, Count N.
Extended quantitative structure-activity relationships for 80 aromatic and heterocyclic amines: structural, electronic, and hydropathic factors affecting mutagenic potency.
(23) Mark Foy opened his hydropathic and tourist establishment in July 1904.
[On paper from the Waverly Hydropathic Establishment, Melrose.
Malvern's reign as the hydropathic capital of Britain was short-lived.
In the Victorian era, guests would take to the waters to improve their health with hydropathic cures.
Hydropathic pathway to health: Women and water-cure in antebellum America.
Established in comfortable seclusion at Down, he tended his chronically precarious health, kept in touch with a large and far-flung circle of scientific colleagues, paced contemplatively around his beloved Sandwalk (a landscape garden equivalent to a monastery's cloisters), welcomed visitors, ventured forth to London exhibits and lectures or to valetudinarian stints at hydropathic spas--and produced a staggering array of scientific studies.
*** Dunblane Hydropathic had just weeks earlier - 40 years after its construction in 1878 - been taken over by the military and was in the process of becoming a military hospital.
A frantic search was launched and three hours later a child's body was discovered in woodland half-a-mile away, at the site of Kyles of Bute Hydropathic Hotel.The hotel was demolished in the 1970s and is only around a 20 minute walk from where Alesha vanished.