hydrogen ion

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an atom or group of atoms having a positive (cation) or negative (anion) electric charge by virtue of having gained or lost an electron; substances forming ions are called electrolytes. adj., adj ion´ic.
dipolar ion an ion that has both positive and negative regions of charge.
hydrogen ion the positively charged hydrogen atom (H+), which is the positive ion of all acids. See also hydrogen ion concentration.
hydroxyl ion the negatively charged group, OH, present to excess in alkaline solutions.
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hy·dro·gen ion (H+),

a hydrogen atom minus its electron and therefore carrying a unit positive charge (that is, a proton); in water, it combines with a water molecule to form hydronium ion, H5O2+, H7O3+, etc.
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hy·dro·gen ion

(H+ hī'drō-jen ī'on)
A hydrogen atom minus its electron and therefore carrying a unit positive charge (i.e., a proton); in water, it combines with a water molecule to form the hydronium ion, H3O+.
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hydrogen ion

A free proton, which is the positively charged nucleus of a hydrogen atom.
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While they also increase the loss of potassium and hydrogen ions from the body, this effect is much milder than for loop diuretics, and unlike loop diuretics, they do not increase the loss of calcium from the body.
1000 mg Radix Paeoniae Alba powders,0.084 g MnSO4, 1 mL acetone and 0.835 g KBrO3 were added successively under the conditions of stirring rate 500 rpm and hydrogen ion concentration 2.0 mol*L-1 while keeping the total volume 100 mL.
Hence, for an hydrogen ion in equilibrium in the photosphere, the force exerted by the gravitation of the star on the ion should be offset by the radiation and gas pressure.
What happens to the hydrogen ion concentration when you dilute the acid?
[C.sub.i](t): excess hydrogen ion concentration in the influent stream (mol/L)
Experiments showed that the sour taste intensity increased in direct proportion to the total number of all organic acid molecules in the pickles that had an attached hydrogen ion.
T 435 om-02 "Hydrogen ion concentration (pH) of paper extracts (hot extraction method)" (February 7, 2006)
Depends on the amino +] [left and acids in the protein right arrow] Protein - [H.sup.+] Table 2 Mechanisms that Buffer an Acid Load Mechanisms Site Time Frame Buffer systems (primarily Extracellular fluid Immediate bicarbonate) Increased rate and depth Lungs Minutes to hours of breathing to decrease C[O.sub.2] Buffer systems (phosphate, Intracellular fluid 2-4 hours bicarbonate, protein) Hydrogen ion excretion, Kidneys Hours to days bicarbonate reabsorption, and bicarbonate generation Additional Readings
The pH scale indicates how acidic or basic a solution is by giving the concentration of hydrogen ions. The pH scale is a special scale for expressing hydrogen ion concentration as one over the log of the hydrogen ion concentration (1/log [[H.sup.+]]).
Here we have developed a new variation of the turtle eyecup preparation, which permits us to examine metabolic parameters, including oxygen consumption and changes in extracellular hydrogen ion concentration, while simultaneously assessing the physiological state of retinal function from the electroretinogram.
The acidity/alkalinity of the soil is defined by the activity or the concentration of the hydrogen ion in solution.
An acid didn't simply give up a hydrogen ion (which could be viewed as a proton), because as a proton, it could not exist loose in solution.