hydrocortisone enema

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 [en´ĕ-mah] (Gr.)
1. introduction of fluid into the rectum.
2. a solution introduced into the rectum to promote evacuation of feces or as a means of administering nutrient substances, medicinal substances, or opaque material for radiologic examination of the lower intestinal tract; see also barium test. Unless otherwise prescribed, the solution is warmed to 40.5°C (105°F), the patient is placed in Sims' position or knee-chest position, and the rectal tube is inserted. The container of fluid is usually held about 45 cm (18 in) above the buttocks for a cleansing enema. Various types of enema are shown in the accompanying table.
Fleet enema trademark for an enema containing, in each 100 ml, 16 g sodium biphosphate and 6 g sodium phosphate, packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle fitted with a 5-cm prelubricated rectal tube.
hydrocortisone enema an aqueous solution of hydrocortisone administered rectally as an antiinflammatory in treatment of ulcerative colitis.
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