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an addition of hydrochloric acid with an organic base.
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A compound formed by the addition of a hydrochloric acid molecule to a basic moiety on the substance, for example, guanine hydrochloride, glycine hydrochloride.
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A compound formed by the addition of a hydrochloric acid molecule to an amine or related substance.
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For the year ended June 2015, the total sales of Memantine Hydrochloride Oral Solution 2 mg/ml at Average Wholesale Price (AWP) were about USD12m, according to IMS,
The report then estimates 2016-2021 market development trends of Tamsolusin Hydrochloride industry.
2 mL (10 mg) DEX sodium phosphate injectable solution and 1 mL (5 mg) TRO hydrochloride injectable solution were transferred to a 100 mL polyolefin bags and filled with 0.9% sodium chloride injection.
Absorption Spectrum of Coloured Complex Cyclizine hydrochloride reacts with m- dinitrobenzene at 100degC in basic media to give purple complex, the absorption spectra of which under optimum conditions lies at 540 nm (Fig.
Electrochemical Reduction of Doxorubicin Hydrochloride. In 15 mM Hepes buffer (pH~7.4) containing 160 mM NaCl, doxorubicin hydrochloride (33 [micro]M) undergoes two-electron reversible reduction generating a cathodic peak at -690 [+ or -] 5 mV (versus Ag/AgCl, saturated KCl) with the corresponding anodic peak at -640 [+ or -] 5 mV (versus Ag/AgCl, saturated KCl) (Figure 1) at a scan rate of 100 mVs-1.
Authors suggested that the more significant effect of reduction of pain frequency of berberine hydrochloride compared to placebo supports a potential action of berberine on visceral analgesia.
However, HSCB did not appear concerned with the current level of prescribing of tramadol hydrochloride.
USA recently reestablished its pain management portfolio by launching two oxycodone hydrochloride formulations.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed withdrawing approval of midodrine hydrochloride (brand name ProAmatine) because, when the drug was approved in 1996, it was contingent upon post-approval studies to verify the drug's benefit; although studies were conducted, the FDA found the results inconclusive.
The International Diabetes Federation ("IDF") has designated Metformin Hydrochloride as one of the frontline medicines for diabetes.
The product, 'Higuard', is the first Rx-to-OTC switch product of azelastine hydrochloride, an anti-allergy compound originally approved for prescription use.
One possibility is that the glucosamine hydrochloride used in GAIT doesn't work as well as the glucosamine sulfate used in most earlier studies (and found in most supplements).