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An organic compound of the general formula RCO-NHNH2; an acyl derivative of hydrazine.
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The reaction of dithiocarbazate salt with hydrazide was carried out by mixing alcoholic potassium hydroxide (8.
The use of a peptide hydrazide is more recommended.
In literature, the synthesis of 4-thiazolidinones was carried out via 2 steps, but, to avoid multisteps and to make it more viable, we have developed a single-step reaction for the synthesis of 4-thiazolidinones (5a-5j) from hydrazide (2).
To overcome sprouting and higher weight loss a large number of chemicals such as ethylene, nonanol,chlorprophan, maleic hydrazide (MH), carvone,abscisic Design (CRD) with three replications.
5% azo and hydrazide active ingredients in a universal carrier permit letdowns from 100:1 to 40:1.
Genotoxicity of maleic hydrazide, acridine and DEHP in Allium cepa root cells performed by two different laboratories.
Synthesis and biological evaluation of pyridine hydrazide derivatives.
23] who reported maximum fruit yield in watermelon with an application of maleic hydrazide at 100 ppm.
Scientists can study glycosylated proteins by breaking apart cells, then using agarose beads coated with hydrazide molecules to attract the glycans and therefore their associated proteins.
They demonstrated the mechanism involves in formation of RMe and salicylic acid hydrazide at pH (less than) 5.