hydration status

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the absorption of or combination with water.

hydration status
the status of the fluid-electrolyte balance in a patient.
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Up until now, researchers made use of subjective questionnaires to measure muscle soreness, hydration status, sleep quality and quantity as well as pre-competition mood states of participants.
Hydration Status and Fluid Balance of Elite European Youth Soccer Players during Consecutive Training Sessions.
150 included the female sex, AGA, a hydration status of dehydrated or in hypovolaemic shock, gestation, transfer time, serum urea, arterial base deficit and serum HCO3.
Andrijauskas, "Evaluation of hydration status calculated from differences in venous and capillary plasma dilution during stepwise crystalloid infusions: A randomized crossover study in healthy volunteers", Medicina, vol.
The data were categorized and analyzed by military course (BOLC vs CCC), sex (male vs female), and hydration status (hypohydrated vs hydrated).
Preservation of hydration status in infants is essential in management of most diseases.
Likewise, limited research is available investigating the effect storage temperature has on urine specimen, none of which concentrates on hydration status.
There also were no significant differences according to hydration status in terms of hypoperfusion, baseline NIHSS score, infarct volume, or perfusion-weighted imaging/ diffusion-weighted imaging mismatch ratio.
This 3C model differentiates normal hydrated (NH) LTM from NH FTM regardless of the degree of ExF and it offers a more reliable alternative to measure both hydration status and nutritional status which are usually altered in HD pts [6].
Hydration status is equally important as nutritional status and care must be taken to meet fluid requirements.
The routine blood investigations were normal with no elevation of septic markers, hydration status well maintained and baby skin smeared with coconut oil as a lubricant to facilitate desquamation of skin.