hydration status

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hydration status

refers to body fluid levels. euhydration the normal state of body water content (typically about 40 litres). hypohydration reduced total body water which may develop by the process of dehydration due to excessive sweating under exercise heat stress. Athletes may lose 2-6% body weight during prolonged exercise. Hypohydration is detrimental to both exercise performance and health and should be prevented by provision of fluids to match water loss. In several sports (e.g. boxing, power lifting, wrestling) athletes may purposely induce dehydration to achieve weight loss prior to competition. hyperhydration increased total body water. It has been proposed that prior hyperhydration may improve thermoregulation during exercise heat stress, but studies have had inconsistent results. See also water balance.


the absorption of or combination with water.

hydration status
the status of the fluid-electrolyte balance in a patient.
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The researchers found no significant differences in total body water or any of the blood measures of hydration status between those who drank coffee and those who drank water.
It is also important to note that as the subjects consumed a bolus of fluid immediately prior to exercise, a possibility exists that this could have altered their hydration status upon commencement of exercise.
The ability to assess an athlete's risk based on reported symptoms (HISI) in relation to hydration status will be invaluable in reducing the risk athletes face for heat illness.
After a month, the resident's hydration status became stable enough for her to be transferred from the hospital to a different skilled nursing facility, per her daughter's request.
It is important to understand the need to diagnose and treat swallowing disorders, since unrecognized dysphagia may lead to multiple health problems, such as potential for repeated aspiration pneumonia, a condition that may be life threatening, and poor nutritional and hydration status.
The Company's first focus is on development and commercialization of point-of-care products for convenient, non-invasive, measurement and monitoring of human hydration status from saliva.
Two groups of healthy male participants (n = 16 and n = 14) completed three trials involving the consumption of alcohol under various levels of hydration status (dehydrated (D), partially rehydrated (P), fully rehydrated (F)).
She said that runners should monitor their urine, as its colour is a great indicator for assessing hydration status.
As the strike progresses, the inmate may require inpatient medical monitoring of hydration status.
Monitoring the amount of urine your child is producing is a good way of assessing the hydration status of your child.