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The state of being hybrid.
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This hybridism can be seen in various examples, including one-word inserts at the end of sentences--usually expletives and/or terms of endearment (translations mine, unless otherwise indicated), "Fancy a drink, compadre" [literally 'godfather' but also a traditional term of reverence and friendship] (2008: 79), or emphatic clauses, "Just pack your bags and come with us, por el amor de Dioh" [for the love of God] (2008: 23).
It is a good bet that this blend of WASP/Latino/ Catholic hybridism would make Jeb Bush a formidable general-election candidate.
In addition to the idea of syncretism and hybridism, Ashcroft et al.
Yet around the 1830s the Mediterranean started being politicized, coming to express "the crucible in which diverse cultural traditions were mixed, synthesized [...], in a process which led to continual transmission, hybridism, and the sponsorship of new inventions" (Bergdoll xvii).
These images construct a discourse on modernity that reflects on the profound hybridism of Latin American culture, from the Caribbean to Tierra del Fuego, that points as much to the region's natural wealth as to its material and spiritual history.
First are her works that deal with the concepts of migration, identity, hybridism, memory, and boundaries.
EDUARDO ZACHLA, "Subsistent Parts: Aquinas on the Hybridism of Human Souls." Adviser: Douglas Moggach.
Lund's artwork incorporates abstractions of space and time and reference of hybridism, urbanism, juxtaposed to concept of natural order.