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The state of being hybrid.
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Hybridism is the thread running through the contributions by Linda Furgeson Selzer and Marina Fedosia.
Preliminary observations and data of the scientific literature suggest an increasing occurrence of hybridism in many places of Brazil.
EDUARDO ZACHLA, "Subsistent Parts: Aquinas on the Hybridism of Human Souls.
Lund's artwork incorporates abstractions of space and time and reference of hybridism, urbanism, juxtaposed to concept of natural order.
On the whole, however, Schmidt's book offers an illuminating exploration of the multifarious manifestations of hybridism in the English Renaissance.
The Masson de Morvilliers Affair Reconsidered: Nation, Hybridism and Spain's Eighteenth-Century Cultural Identity.
Key words: Exile, autobiography, personal diary, memory, split personality, fragmentation, fictionalization, generic hybridism.
Unlike subject-oriented '-ly', subject-related '-ly' is a strong case for word-class overlap or word-class hybridism or indeterminacy.
Speciation as a result of hybridism, due to occupation of new adaptive zones, for instance extreme habitats, relating to at least one of the parents, or high ecological disturbance promotes the formation of newly stabilized species from hybrids, as the concept of hybrid-species is introduced by NASOM & al.
Now, there is a situation of hybridism, the plan and the object intertwined.
Finley examines how that conflict first began to rise, making culture matter, how popular song became involved, how the dynamics of Islamic renewal and fervor became a factor, how gender offered a selected taboo, and how hybridism affected the Arab youth.
Through fusing disparate mythologies and traditions, I came towards an iconography of hybridism and most importantly found there underlying common threads.