hybrid plant

hybrid plant,

n the creation of a new plant from natural or artificial fertilization between two species. The letter
x in the middle of the plant name indicates its hybrid status.
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It is a brand new Chinese-cum European hybrid plant.
A hybrid plant occurs when plant breeders pick two different parent plants with specific traits to create an improved plant, or hybrid, with its own set of characteristics.
It is a brand new Chinese-cum-European hybrid plant.
While hybrid plant species are very common, hybrid species among vertebrates are exceedingly rare," he said in a statement Monday.
The power produced in the hybrid plant will be sold to Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).
In Peleliu, the Masdar-developed 100 kW solar PV diesel hybrid plant features an advanced centralised control system that allows up to 90% of power needs to be met by solar energy during peak time.
At the core of the proposed hybrid plant is a fusion reactor which is powered by electric currents as strong as 60 trillion amps.
Building Energy is teaming up with SES SMART Energy Solutions, a leading rental power provider in the MEA region, to develop the first on-field temporary hybrid plant, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
In 2016, Access will also launch a 50-megawatt solar and heavy fuel oil hybrid plant in Benin and a 200-megawatt solar and wind plant in Egypt.
Hybrid plant work to start MANAMA: The work on a hybrid power plant for solar and wind energy in southern Bahrain is expected to start in the next three months.
SkyNRG is expanding production of the hybrid plant known as Solaris as an energy crop that farmers could grow instead of traditional tobacco.
Bahrain is planning to set up a key solar and wind hybrid plant which will be linked to the country's power-distribution grid by the first quarter of 2015.

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