hybrid composite resin

hy·brid com·pos·ite res·in

(hībrid kŏm-pozit rezin)
Restorative compound that contains a blend of fine or microfine filler particles. The inorganic particles may comprise up to 70% of volume; the smaller particles fit into spaces among the larger.
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The effect of toothbrushing on a hybrid composite resin.
A thin layer of universal hybrid composite resin was placed on the palatal surface of adjacent teeth and extended slightly to the proximal surfaces of each tooth adjacent to the extraction area.
Fill in the retentive area of the denture tooth with hybrid composite resin and place it over the bemonomer.
Effect of light curing modes and light curing time on the microhardness of a hybrid composite resin.
Visible light-curing hybrid composite resin (eg, Prisma AP, H, Caulk/Dentsply) is selected, its placement into the depths of the root canal (Figure-4).
Effect of curing light and bleching agents on physical properties of a hybrid composite resin.