hybrid composite

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hy·brid com·pos·ite

(hībrid kŏm-pozit)
Colloq. for hybrid composite resin (q.v.).
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Pina Marques, "Hybrid composite rods for concrete reinforcement," in Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Structures and Architecture (ICSA '10), pp.
The characteristic mechanical behavior of the hybrid composite was noted in the load deformation properties when subjected to flexural loading.
"For example", Al Hammadi said, "a regular vehicle needs 12.50 litres to complete 100km, while the hybrid vehicle needs around 8.25 litres to cover the same distance, and estimated the amount of carbon dioxide emissions of the regular vehicle per day to be 182kg, while the amount of emissions left by hybrid composite per day is 121kg."
Some promising emerging approaches are focused field applications of rigidified FRP tube arches, hybrid composite beams, and reinforced thermoplastics.
The Infinite Possibility Award went to Harbor Technologies of Brunswick, Me., for its hybrid composite beam for bridge construction.
It has been shown recently that the hybrid composite can offer more attractive engineering properties because the presence of one fibre enables more efficient utilization of the potential properties of the other fibre [7-8].
Inspection revealed most of the AD rivets were severely corroded because the cowlings are constructed with a hybrid composite laminate.
Pultrusion is a cost-effective and continuous closed molding method of manufacturing high-volume hybrid composite parts.
As a hybrid composite material, it is the best of many worlds with a simple, but very effective clocking mechanism, reduced maintenance requirements and easy installation.
Its hybrid composite technology utilizes Legerra Technologies' injection molded magnesium (thixomolding) and TMD-Grammer AG's overmolding with DuPont's Zytel ST 801 AW, an unreinforced, supertough nylon 66.
The first day began with a keynote address by Patrick Blanchard, global technical leader of the Composites, Research & Innovation Center for Ford Motor Co., titled Opportunities for Hybrid Composite Design and Challenges to Implementation.
For example, the Victrex/TriMack joint venture TxV Aero Composites will offer a range of composites from custom laminates to pre-formed composite inserts for hybrid moulding processes, as well as finished composite parts and complete over-moulded hybrid composite components and assemblies.