hybrid composite

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hy·brid com·pos·ite

(hībrid kŏm-pozit)
Colloq. for hybrid composite resin (q.v.).
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The Effect of Temperatures on Hybrid Composite Laminates under Impact Loading.
69 Table 4 The dynamic characteristics of hybrid composite reinforced with nanoclay Property % of nano clay in resin 0% 3% 5% 7% Damping coefficients, [zeta] 0.
A thin layer of universal hybrid composite resin was placed on the palatal surface of adjacent teeth and extended slightly to the proximal surfaces of each tooth adjacent to the extraction area.
This type of filled polymer might be used as matrix for a reinforced composite (with long fibers or fabrics) such as, at least, one design problem to be solved in one layer of the hybrid composite.
The secure hybrid composite container is lighter than steel and contains sensors embedded in the walls, said the lab's director, Habib Joseph Dagher.
Incremental monolayering has been described as a simplified technique for achieving optimal aesthetic results related to the development of a new hybrid composite that resembles the natural tooth in terms of the optical parameters (Clearfil Majesty Esthetic, Kuraray America, Inc.
Other elements of the hybrid composite process optimized by Victrex include preforming the consolidated laminate to the net shape, mounting the net shape in a mold, and injecting PEEK onto the surface.
Specific papers discuss such aspects as a thermoanalytic study of binders containing possolanic and latent hydraulic materials, the behavior of advanced materials for blast energy absorption under low and high velocity load, the influence of contact parameters on the load-carrying capacity of a hybrid composite cross-section, using a cementous process for solidifying waste industrial sludge, and vegetative roofs in building structures.
The topics include effective properties of heterogeneous magneto-electro-elastic materials with multi-coated inclusions, analyzing the transient hygrothermal aging of hybrid composite materials in asymmetric environments, the influence of the fractal dimension on the mechanical properties of granular materials, validating mechanical damage monitoring on aluminum freestanding thin films using electrical measurements, and investigating the mechanical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes using the finite element method.
The date cores powder incorporation has an increase effect of the mechanical characteristics giving to the hybrid composite a better behaviour and reducing certain types of degradation like delamination.
It has also been shown recently [9-12] that by using the concept of hybridization with two different fibres incorporated in a cement matrix, the hybrid composite can offer more attractive engineering properties because the presence of one fibre enables the more efficient utilization of the potential properties of the other fibre.