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The oscillation of a controlled variable, such as the temperature of a thermostat, around its set point. See: hunting reaction.
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For last year's hunting season 41,680 licences were issues, a 1.2 per cent reduction on the previous year.
But to me, February through July is just not really hunting season.
This year's hunting season is set to last from Sept.
The hunting season 2018-2019 was declared open on May 26 and will last until March 16, 2019.
Under the old system, there was time for the state to react to such an event ahead of the coming hunting season. Not anymore.
I felt it was the absolute perfect article to read to him and made a great point to me as I prepare for my first hunting season this year.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Muharram 11, 1437, October 24, 2015, SPA -- The first legal bear hunting season in Florida opened a little before sunrise on October 24.
The proposed tax break - which Creighton calls a Second Amendment tax holiday weekend - would come one week ahead of hunting season and one week before a similar weekend in Louisiana.
The Southern Zone Regular Season is New York's most popular hunting season, with participation from about 85 percent of New York's 550,000 licensed hunters.
The Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the SWA, regulates the hunting season in the Kingdom.
Tokyo: The controversial six-month dolphin hunting season began on Monday in the infamous town of Taiji, but bad weather would delay any killing, a local official told AFP.