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The oscillation of a controlled variable, such as the temperature of a thermostat, around its set point. See: hunting reaction.
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Paphos hunters have called for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws after a series of cases of dogs being abandoned or abused during hunting seasons.
26, the retailer is kicking off hunting season by releasing results of a nationwide survey of avid hunters, which found excitement around the upcoming season, but a lack of preparedness.
Proceeds from the sale of big-game hunting licenses in Colorado go into the state's parks and wildlife budget, which is another reason hunters were probably reluctant to boycott hunting season.
Show Me Snow Geese has left all the other hunting services behind to become the first to have begun booking for the 2013-14 Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Season.
The hunting season started on Wednesday 01 May and will end on 31 August in the case of commercial farms of not less than 1000 hectares which are enclosed with registered game proof fences and on registered Conservancies where quotas have been approved for huntable game species.
Summary: The hunting season for 2012 should be announced soon with the government busy issuing decrees to regulate the sport, according to the environment minister.
Joe Duckworth, the League's chief executive, said: "This is the seventh hunting season under the ban, but all the evidence suggests hunts are getting more lawless.
I would watch my husband Brian get excited for the new hunting season.
Minister of Agriculture and Foods Miroslav Naydenov opened Saturday the new hunting season near the city of Yambol in South-Eastern Bulgaria.
The proposed tax break - which Creighton calls a Second Amendment tax holiday weekend - would come one week ahead of hunting season and one week before a similar weekend in Louisiana.
The Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the SWA, regulates the hunting season in the Kingdom.
Tokyo: The controversial six-month dolphin hunting season began on Monday in the infamous town of Taiji, but bad weather would delay any killing, a local official told AFP.