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The oscillation of a controlled variable, such as the temperature of a thermostat, around its set point. See: hunting reaction.
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Establishing a hunting resort gives the owner of a relatively small tract of land an opportunity to generate sometimes substantial income from hunters in return for intensive management of both wildlife and people.
Fish & Wildlife Service and Audubon California to further protect the California Condor by announcing it would discontinue the use of lead hunting ammunition on Tejon Ranch, the 270,000-acre privately-owned ranch in California's Tehachapi Mountains that is home to the state's largest private hunting program.
In a continuing effort to increase access to hunting and fishing on public lands, the U.
It has been a good year for duck hunting at refuges from the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley down to the Salton Sea, snow goose hunting at Wister was hot this season, and chukar and quail hunting was the best in decades, and hunters don't have to put their shotguns away right now.
HUNTS across Wales have been ordered on to a war footing as they prepare to make life difficult for officers policing the hunting ban.
Like the Bush administration's reaction following revelations of Iraqi prisoner abuse, some in the hunting community will undoubtedly dismiss the prairie dog "hunts" described in our cover story this issue as the work of "a few bad apples.
In his approach to the social and cultural aspects of hunting and poaching Manning is on well documented evidentiary ground.
Hawks stoop with a group to increase hunting success
An excellent job site for finding that important first or second job out of college plus the wonderful articles and advice about job hunting and business that you would expect from a site by The Wall Street Journal.
Goose hunting traditionally peaks during the last weeks of December.
CHESHIRE Forest Hunt has became one of the first in the country to resume fox hunting since the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.
Last December, 68 professional biologists called for a hunting moratorium pending the completion of long-term population studies throughout B.