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Humourlessly, and with all the Gallic charm of Asterix, she responded in English: "Yes Sirrrr, please seat over 'ere."
She fought across the whole of America, unceasingly, humourlessly, her vocal cords turning to sandpaper as she attempted to halt the tide that Barrack Obama seemingly summoned up from nowhere back in midwinter.
Chelsea have certainly become ruthlessly and humourlessly focused, but I don't believe totally in the mean, moody De Niro image Mourinho is cultivating.
Of course, even amongst the characters there are significant differences of perspective, awareness and tone, with some much more ironic and amused than others (Larry Lefferts, say), some more appalled at what they see and experience (most obviously, Ellen), and others humourlessly bound and committed to the professed aspirations and values of their shared social world (May, certainly, but also, at least in the beginning--one might also say, at least in the end--Newland himself, despite his brief fantasy of rebellion).
And so the tone was set, a tone that turned progressively more ugly as the Europeans wilted through fatigue, inexperience and an inability to handle the task of focusing on their game while being humourlessly heckled by a bunch of imbeciles.