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An insoluble brownish or blackish residue obtained upon acid hydrolysis of glycoproteins.
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humic acid

A heteropolymeric mixture of organic molecules from biodegradable humis, peat and soil.
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In the present study, the different types of management altered the C contents in the humin fraction and the highest values were found in the layer of 0-10 cm, ranging from 16.1 to 47.4 g [kg.sup.-1].
The perusal of pooled data on humin content in soil under soybean-safflower cropping system indicates significantly higher humin in treatment [T.sub.8] (0.561 g 100[g.sup.-1]soil humus) receiving optimal dose of organic manure along with chemical fertilizer (i.e.
The analytical overview of the total organic matter and the four organic fractions (light organic matter, humin, humic acid and fulvic acids) of the studied soil profiles, shows remarkable differences from one horizon to another in within the same profile.
According to Figure 3, the organic matter under NT was composed of significantly higher amounts of humic acids (HA) and humin (HU) and lower amounts of fulvic acids (FA) compared to CT in Vertisol.
Kang SH, Xing BS (2005) Phenanthrene sorption to sequentially extracted soil humic acids and humins. Environmental Science & Technology 39, 134-140.
It is rich in organic substances; lignin and humin content was 80.99 g/L.
According to their solubility in alkaline and/or acid media three major HS fractions are distinguished: the practically insoluble humin, the alkali-soluble humic acids (HA) and the fulvic acid (FA) fraction, which is soluble in alkaline, neutral and acid media.
Michael wrote for children and youth as well; among his books are Sufah Ben Ha-Dekalim (Storm Among the Palms) (1975), Pahonim Ve-Halomot (Tin Shacks and Dreams) (1979), Ahavah Bein Ha-Dekalim (Love Among the Palms) (1990), and Shedim Humin (Brown Devils) (1993).
Humus is generally fractionated into three components following extraction in NaOH: humin, fulvic acid, and humic acid.
Comparing dates from soil profiles at eight localities in Brazil, the authors showed that dates obtained from total soil organic matter (SOM) showed significantly younger ages than the humin fraction (considered to be the older organic component of the soil) or than ages obtained from charcoal.
Divided by chemical and physical characteristics, HS are separated into categories called humic acid (HA), fulvic acid (FA), and humin. Both HA and FA belong to the water-soluble class of compounds.
3: ede humeis katharoi este dia ton logon hon lelaleka humin (30) In this verse, the crucial phrase is "dia ton logon": "by the word." This is important, because the object of the prepositional phrase is in the accusative case, thus obliging one to render dia not "through" but "because," which makes the association between word and reality even stronger.