humeral head

hu·mer·al head

the name applied to the heads of forearm muscles that attach to the humerus. Terminologia Anatomica lists humeral heads (caput humerale ...) of the following: 1) flexor carpli ulnaris [TA] (... musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris [TA]); 2) pronator teres [TA] (... musculi pronatoris teretis [TA]); and 3) extensor carpi ulnaris [TA] (...musculi extensoris carpi ulnaris [TA]).
Synonym(s): caput humerale [TA]
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It allows the humeral head to fit more securely into the glenoid socket as well as permit the shoulder to have a wide range of motion.
The shape of the glenoid cavity and the glenoid labrum determines the most remarkable feature of the gleno-humeral joint as they precisely stabilizes the humeral head in the center of the cavity as well as allowing a vast range of movements (15).
The term glenohumeral instability refers to the condition of pathologic excessive translation of the humeral head on the articular surface of the glenoid.
The resulting dislocation is nearly always an anterior dislocation, in which the humeral head moves out the shoulder socket to the front of the body.
Fullness in the posterior region of the shoulder joint is decreased, and the humeral head cannot be felt by palpating the posterior edge of the acromion.
Neck-shaft angle (NSA) was measured as an indication of displacement of the humeral head [Figure 1].[18] The change of the NSA from immediate postoperative radiographs to final follow-up was calculated.{Figure 1}
An x-ray of the right shoulder was obtained, which showed evidence of osteopenia and an erosion in the humeral head (FIGURES 1A and 1B).
The mechanism of AHD narrowing due to the ascension of humeral head is still not precisely known.
According to the company, the Sidus Stem-Free Shoulder system is a total shoulder arthroplasty solution for patients with good bone stock that have either osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthrosis, focal avascular necrosis of the humeral head or who had previous surgeries of the shoulder that do not compromise the fixation.
Strong nonabsorbable sutures are placed in the rotator cuff at the bone-tendon junction for facilitating humeral head and tuberosities reduction.
The acromiohumeral interval is measured to be 8 mm without signs of superior migration of the humeral head.