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tr.v. human·ized, human·izing, human·izes
a. To modify (a nonhuman compound, cell, organ, or organism) such that some of its components are replaced with human forms of those components, usually by means of genetic engineering.
b. To replace most of the variable region of (a monoclonal antibody from a nonhuman source) with a human sequence of amino acids so that the resulting antibody is more compatible with the human immune system.

hu′man·i·za′tion (-mə-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
hu′man·iz′er n.


Chemically altered to resemble natural human amino acid sequences. It applies to proteins or polypeptides derived from animals, e.g., mice, that are altered to reduce their antigenic potential.
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Humanisation Trend Continues To Stimulate Premium Offering Sales
The humanisation of pets will continue to be the driver of pet products value sales growth over the forecast period.
Therefore, pet humanisation trend not only included necessity items like cat litter or healthcare products, but also more and better non-essential accessories like toys and games, special beds, eating and drinking utensils, beauty products and clothes.
PDL BioPharma Inc (NASDAQ: PDLI), a company involved in the humanisation of monoclonal antibodies, yesterday reported its financial results for the nine months ended 30 September 2012.
Humanisation and Functional Products Continue To Drive Pet Foods
However, thanks to domestic companies including Shanghai CITIC National Health Pharmaceutical Co Ltd and Biotech Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, the humanisation and full humanisation products will become a trend in the Chinese monoclonal antibody market in the future, the report noted.
PDL BioPharma Inc (PDL) (NASDAQ: PDLI), a company that researches the humanisation of monoclonal antibodies, and AxoGen Inc (OTCBB: AXGN), a regenerative medicine company, announced yesterday that they have completed a structured financing transaction on October 5, 2012.
The humanisation of pets positively impacted the pet industry driving growth in premium pet food, luxury products and high-end services.
The positive development in the pet products category are underpinned by the strong consumer focus on animal welfare, pet humanisation, growing cat population, and the improving domestic economy.
USPRwire, Wed Aug 05 2015] Humanisation trends in pet care are alive and well in the US.
The category will remain driven by the humanisation and premiumisation trends due to owners' increasing willingness to improve the health and wellbeing of their pets.
PDL BioPharma has pioneered the humanisation of monoclonal antibodies and is currently focused on the management of its antibody humanisation patents and royalty assets.