human thrombin

hu·man throm·bin

thrombin obtained from human plasma by precipitation with suitable salts and organic solvents; same uses as thrombin.
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This engineered tissue was also seeded with human thrombin and fibrinogen, which served to stabilize and support neurons in the rat's spinal cord.
FDA have proven the US Pharmacopeia-grade electrospun dextran, human thrombin and fibrinogen are completely resorbed by the tissue.
The increase in antithrombin concentration during warfarin therapy in that study (2) was based on assay methods using serum and demonstrating inhibition of human thrombin.
In our centre, we use human thrombin from the Tisseel kit (Baxter US) where the thrombin powder is mixed with the calcium chloride solution and drawn up into a 1ml syringe.
Its active ingredient is recombinant human thrombin (rThrombin) and the product is indicated as an aid to haemostasis whenever control of bleeding by standard surgical techniques is ineffective or impractical.
In a parallel calibration experiment the TF-containing solution was replaced by 20 [micro]L human thrombin calibrator ([alpha]2M-T, 300 nmol/L thrombin activity).
A phase 3, randomized, double-blind comparative study of the efficacy and safety of topical recombinant human thrombin and bovine thrombin in surgical hemostasis.
RECOTHROM is human thrombin that is produced via recombinant DNA technology from a genetically modified CHO cell line.
3], dimethyl sulfoxide, ethanol, Triton X-100, trichloroacetic acid, Tris-acetate, ATP bioluminescent assay kit, iodoacetic acid, adenosine, ethylene glycol tetraacetic acid (EGTA), acetic acid, purified human thrombin, and calcium ionophore A23187 from Sigma Chemical Co.
Haemacure's second product candidate is human thrombin, a component of its fibrin sealant.
The product, which will be marketed as Evithrom, is the first human thrombin approved since 1954 and is the only such product currently licensed by the agency, according to an FDA statement.
Comparison of recombinant human thrombin and plasma-derived human alpha-thrombin.
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