human thrombin

hu·man throm·bin

thrombin obtained from human plasma by precipitation with suitable salts and organic solvents; same uses as thrombin.
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TP508 is a regenerative peptide drug representing a natural part of human thrombin that is released upon tissue injury to initiate a healing cascade.
Sample Report Access Source Based on the product type, the thrombin market has been segmented into bovine thrombin, human thrombin and recombinant thrombin.
Gelatine matrix with human thrombin decreases blood loss in adolescents undergoing posterior spinal fusion for idiopathic scoliosis: a multicentre, randomised clinical trial.
Hadvary, "Crystallographic analysis at 3.0-[Angstrom] resolution of the binding to human thrombin of 4 active site-directed inhibitors," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Bovine thrombin may contain bovine factor V that could be a strong immunological stimulus for the development of antibodies against factor V After the substitution of bovine thrombin with human thrombin, most factor V inhibition cases were associated with antibiotics and malignancies (8,9).
Tartaglia et al.17 focused on comparing the efficacy of collagen patch coated with human fibrinogen and human thrombin (CFTP) and oxidized regenerated cellulose gauze versus traditional hemostatic procedures in thyroid surgery.
This engineered tissue was also seeded with human thrombin and fibrinogen, which served to stabilize and support neurons in the rat's spinal cord.
In our experiments, the addition of hirudin to both the buffer solution containing purified human thrombin and to the NHS sample completely suppressed the degradation of cTnT, which suggests it is thrombin that is responsible for the cTnT cleavage in serum (Fig.
Toole, "Selection of single-stranded DNA molecules that bind and inhibit human thrombin," Nature, vol.
The biologics (human thrombin and fibrinogen) react and initiate a fibrin clot, which then integrates into the patch, providing mechanical support and adherence to the wound site.
Other methods for safer preparation of PRP include the utilization of recombinant human thrombin, autologous thrombin or perhaps extrapurified thrombin.
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