human rights

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human rights, the legal and moral rights recognized by national and international laws.
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35) Either way, however, China as a newcomer to the international human rights regime would gradually socialise its behaviour conforming to the international standard and may finally internalise the values and norms of human rights.
The 3-day training program was designed to deepen the theoretical knowledge of human rights trainers while providing them with practical teaching examples on how to best teach human rights concepts,.
Sixth, the Advisory Council on Human Rights, accordingly, conceders that the Chair of the abovementioned institution should rather be committed to the international human rights principles and rules and focus his attention on how to recover the lost credibility of his institution in accordance with the Paris Principles, in particular with regard to its independence, objectivity and impartiality.
Why, in the United States, are poverty, hunger, homelessness, discrimination, lack of access to health care, educational inequalities, unemployment and jobs that fail to pay a living wage not defined and treated as important human rights problems that government at all levels must act to eliminate?
In her article examining the potential benefits and problems of employing human rights to implement woman's rights, Lucinda Peach critically examines two feminist approaches (liberal universalist and feminist contextualist) and defends her own pragmatic feminist stance.
For more information about United for Human Rights, go to www.
The First Minister also spoke about the importance of the protections granted by the European Convention of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act, and how the Scottish Government will ensure human rights protections are retained in Scotland.
Equality Deferred is mandatory reading for all those interested in the human rights state in Canada, its development, its innovations, and its flaws.
The (so-called) advocates of human rights have conducted the most oppressive measures against humanity," Amoli Larijani said in a meeting with a group of elite and university professors in Lorestan province, Western Iran.
Altaf Hussain Wani senior Hurriyet leader and Vice chairman of Jammu Kashmir National Front who is leading the seven member delegation, continued that the delegation will also organize seminars of the different issues of human rights in United Nations Geneva on the sidelines of the human rights council session.
Renowned human rights activists, UN experts and members of parliament have confirmed their participation in these sideline events.
Manama, May 13 (BNA): The National Institution of Human Rights (NIHR) received the second batch of students in the Royal Academy Police (RAP)'s Human Rights Diploma as part of field visits organised by the Royal Academy of Police for ministries,

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