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1. To extend forward or out; jut out.
2. In psychology, to externalize and attribute something, such as an emotion, to someone or something else.

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Q. Anyone whos doctor here and is willing to help me fillin in questionare for my project? hello, my name is edward sinanta from indonesia, i am a high school student and i would like to request an interview with you for a essay regarding the trend of health problem consultation in social networking. if you don't mind to be interviewed about this issue, please notify me through this e-mail and we can discuss the details later on. thank you for your time and attention. regards, edward

A. edward, i'm not a doctor so i can't help you ,but i hope you'll find what you are looking for and way to go on finding resources for your project!!

Q. I am getting confused with my project.. I am depressed.What can i do? Soon I will be completing my French classes. As my classes are coming close I have started developing negative mind set. I don’t understand that how my classmates are doing well. I hope they do not have any stress but I am having severe stress. I am getting scared and looks like that I may fail in my classes.. I am not able to concentrate on my classes. I am getting confused with my project. My sleep has become very difficult. I too worry about the job. I am depressed. There is no support from my classmates. Please help me what shall I do?

A. You need to find a stress reliever in your life. Think of everything from going to the gym to simple interactions with others. After you have achieved a plateau of stress relief. Sit down in a non stressful place and study. Good Luck

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The housing project inaugurated in 2007 by then military ruler Gen Pervez Musharraf with an estimated cost of Rs12 billion was scheduled to be completed in 2012.
He tweeted, Proud to name the largest housing project in Abu Dhabi as Riyadh City.
Last year, homebuyers of Amrapali had trolled former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Twitter for the delay in the completion of the housing project while also forcing the wicketkeeper-batsman to quit as the brand ambassador of the Amrapali group.
Jameela Al Fandi, Director-General of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, said the Bateen Al Samar housing project would include 354 residential units on 396,480 square metres of land.
The army soldiers engaged in hours of fierce clashes with Fatah al-Sham Front (the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) in Hananou Housing Project, inflicting heavy casualties on the militants and wining control over five military bases and the districts' graveyard.
Within two years, the Ministry of Housing had offered about 600,000 units to low-income citizens as part of the social housing project, which will be comprised of 1m units in total.
According to reports 187 housing projects in 13 Saudi districts are under construction.
The Park Enclave-II housing scheme located on the Park Road, having an ideal and exceptional surroundings, launched after successful completion of development work on phase one of the Park Enclave Housing Project.
Reportedly, this housing project comprises three properties containing a total of 64 rental units.
They are among 25,000 units scheduled for completion within the next four years in five housing projects across Bahrain, which also include East Sitra, Southern and Al Ramli, said Housing Minister Bassem Al Hamar.
Damascus, SANA -- A total of SYP 42 billion are the value of contracted housing projects due for implementation by the General Housing Establishment to date.
Moreover, it has already been floated in the newspapers so that people can own their houses in this unique housing project.

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