housekeeping department

house·keep·ing de·part·ment

(hows'kēp-ing dĕ-pahrt'mĕnt)
In health care, the agency in a hospital or long-term nursing facility responsible for care of the facility, rather than the patient.
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Unlike in the US where they made their beds and shared household chores, they have grown accustomed to the housekeeping department to tidy up their suite, and enjoying the food in various restaurants.
Ever since have been stitching and mending staff uniforms and linen and supporting the Housekeeping Department by handling guest laundry."
The most important award, Employee of the Month went to Housekeeping Department for the exceptional performance during the month of September.
While giving a little insight on her character in the film, she said: "Though my character, Praful Patel, is a girl who works in a housekeeping department, she has big dreams and ambitions.
But it was also tough because our systems weren't there yet and the cooperation between our housekeeping department and front office wasn't ready for 100 per cent occupancy after being open for just three or four weeks.
To give an example of how far a person with the right attitude can go, Morcellet told the story of a young woman from Vietnam who was in the housekeeping department of the hotel where he previously worked."She said she wanted to learn how to be a chef," he related.
Haitham Nassar, Ramses Hilton General Manager started the celebration by thanking the Housekeeping team for their dedication and focused on the important role of the housekeeping department in guest satisfaction.
"Housekeeping department has one of the highest staff turnover rates in the industry," he reveals.
"It allows the owner to not only save on construction and operational costs from combining services such as the pool or housekeeping department, but it also gives them an opportunity to appeal to a wider array of potential clientele," said Glenn Haussman, editor-in-chief of Hotel Interactive
Manager Azim Shah said Reshma would work in the housekeeping department as a "public area ambassador" welcoming guests.
Their housekeeping department also got the highest score in the survey conducted by BUPA Insurance at Spire Healthcare''s 38 private hospitals.
Workmates at the Marriott paid tribute to colleague Craig, who worked in the housekeeping department.