house organ

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house or·gan

(hows ōr'găn)
A colloquial term used to describe a publication offering news of a business or institution (e.g., hospital); now largely supplanted by online services and Web sites.
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Many of these physicists lent their weight to lobbying for arms control, while the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the house organ for such types, used as its banner the clever device of a clock set close to midnight to warn how close we were to extinction.
The Stars and Stripes newspaper, a quasi house organ for the U.S.
This is a magazine not about the stuff, but about how people use the stuff." Convincing potential readers that On is not just an AOL house organ will be Quittner's prime job.
Slip back into a self-congratulatory cheerleading house organ.
Our large number--seven--was so unusual that News Photographer Magazine, the house organ of the National Press Photographers Association, ran a group photo of us.
Evidence of this shift is found in the pages of Science magazine, the house organ of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Briefly, in its initial stages, Partisan Review flirted with becoming a Marxist house organ. The magnetism of the literary or the miasma of the Communist party, however, proved too great for such a resolve.
While the journal is not the house organ of any particular group or institution, it does receive financial support from the University of Bologna.
If we want readers to open up Do-It-Yourself Retailing and read and rely on its content, we need a real magazine, not a house organ."
Two years later, after editing The Wheelman, the house organ of a bicycle manufacturer in Boston, and working for the Century Company in New York, he founded the Literary Associated Press, a syndicate that bought articles and fiction to sell to newspapers throughout the country.
Built in 1913 as a vaudeville house called the Orpheum, the plush 1,900-seat theater, now owned by Salt Lake County, premiered its restored house organ in 1983.