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The hot topic discovery algorithm may include the following steps: data collection; it is mainly use crawler technology to obtain information; preprocessing is the initial operation of word segmentation, removal of stop words, etc for the text we have got; vector space model is established after TF-IDF feature extraction, this operate is to make it easier to compare the similarity.
This CISO Hot Topic session will be held on February 9th in conjunction with SANS Scottsdale.
The proposed idea of hot topic discovery is to utilize the hot single words and explore them forward and backward.
Hot topic prerecognition is basically to aggregate those similar microbloggings, formalize topic clusters, and then rank topic clusters with the count of included posts, the hot velocity, and the hot acceleration.
Hot Topic, meanwhile, said in a statement that the suit came as a "surprise," because the chain holds 11 registered trademarks on the use of the Blackheart name.
From Strictly Come Dancing to Skyfall, the hot topics people in Cardiff chat about online have been captured in Dawes' digital portrait, on show at St David's Hall.
Summary: The upcoming US election is a hot topic around the world right now, and not one Sacha Baron Cohen was about to avoid as The Dictator.
With the growing focus on the many barriers that restrict access to care and the increasing needs of the of the poor and vulnerable, the development of mid-level provider programs for oral care delivery systems definitely remains a hot topic across the country.
"The new hot topic sessions are all about practice updates, providing you with the knowledge you need in day-to-day practice."
For the launch of Disney's fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean," which sets sail May 20, British marketing agency Five33, which recently opened an office in Los Angeles, has created two displays for a Hot Topic promo that could easily be installed at the Mouse House's theme parks once the pic has bowed in megaplexes.
PRACTITIONERS enthused by a 'hot topic' in contact lenses are being sought by the BCLA for its clinical conference in May.
The top three winners this year were retailer Hot Topic, New York's NYC 311 hotline for government information and nonemergency services, and automotive insurance provider Progressive.