hot line

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hot line

 [hot´ līn″]
telephone assistance for those in need of crisis intervention (q.v.), as in suicide prevention, usually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and staffed by nonprofessionals with mental health professionals serving as advisors or in a back-up capacity.
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hot line

(hot līn)
In health care, a direct telephone link for emergency services.
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Q. What to do in a crisis or when you feel depressed? Hi Everybody - I found some great resources for people that feel despondent, suicidal, or simply need to speak to someone about their problems. You don't need to feel bad because there are numerous hotlines with highly trained operators available to help you. These hotlines are 100% FREE to use and completely ANONYMOUS. Please remember that these resources are not associated with iMedix at all. Suicide Prevention / Depression * USA: Hopeline (Suicide): 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) * USA: Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-Talk (1-800-8255) * USA: Teen Hotline Covenant House NineLine: 1-800-999-9999 * USA: SOS Teen Hotline: 1-800-949-0057 * USA: Grief Recovery Helpline : 1-800-445-4808 * USA: Directory of local helplines / centers * UK: Samaritans (Nat'l and local): 08457 90 90 90 or * Global directory of suicide hotlines -

A. I meant to write folks. sorry.

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* setting up a hot line for employees to call to report possible ethics problems or ask questions
sentencing guidelines' emphasis on executive accountability means that CEOs now must show they are monitoring and interpreting their ethics hot lines. Logging not just the number but the nature of calls can paint a useful portrait of employee fluency in compliance issues.
''These are the sort of figures we saw last summer, when each call to the hot line was costing up to pounds 120.''
Health workers manning the hot line installed equipment to trace incoming calls May 25 to counter a spate of pranksters calling after 7 p.m., the Beijing Youth Daily reported.
"We're delighted so many customers have benefited from the hot line," he says.
The Labor Lawyers Association of Japan sets up the hot line specializing in problems regarding corporate restructuring as well as providing regular counseling services in June and December every year.
JOE TORRE, after hearing that Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling were signing new contracts with the Diamonbacks: "I called the suicide hot line and they told me it was all right.
The Centers for Disease control and Prevention National Immunization Information Hot Line has established a TTY telephone service for callers who are deaf and hard of hearing.
In presenting his plan, Pataki said, "This legislation will help ensure that nursing home residents get the best care, along with the respect and dignity they deserve." The act will establish background checks, increase fines to $5,000 per violation and to $10,000 for repeat offenses, give the state health department the authority to replace bad nursing-home operators without going through the courts, establish a central nursing home hot line, and hire an additional 10 new inspectors plus 25 new auditors for a Medicaid Fraud Strike Force.
PO Box 11586 Montgomery, AL 36111-0586 Toll-free Hot Line: (800)-846-3697 (In state) children.html ALASKA Health Care Program for Children with Special Needs (HCP-CSN) Contact Person: Sharon Bezek or Karen Martinek (907) 269-3460 (907) 269-3465 (fax) ??csharon_bezek@health.state.