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International Nonproprietary Names, the designations recommended by the World Health Organization for pharmaceuticals.
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A proteasome inhibitor which induces apoptosis in cancer cells, and inhibits binding to stromal cells and production of growth and survival factors.

Treatment-refractory myeloma (35% response rate), mantle cell lymphoma.
Adverse effects
Thrombocytopaenia, fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, neutropaenia. 
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a Famous preacher George Whitfield conducted a service in Glasgow Cathedral's churchyard to raise the money to build the hostelry, which would become an important stagecoach post.
* The Rev Richard Spencer wants to take his flock on a voyage of Discovery at the local hostelry
Indeed, Northumbrian pipers meet twice a month in a Morpeth hostelry.
Much has changed by the Bay--the Mark Twain Hotel, once the city's only openly gay hostelry, is now a Ramada brimming with German tourists trying on the S/M souvenirs they are going to wear on that next business trip to Hamburg.
Sandi, Rachael and Steve are ready to put the kettle on SANDI, Rachael and Steve, the chief cooks and bottle washers in the Hostelry at Great Yarmouth racecourse, would like to wish all the stable staff and drivers etc, all the very best for the forthcoming season.
Facing a scarcity of capital for hotel projects, Ackman-Ziff convinced lenders that a mixture of condominium and leasehold interests in the property, and other factors affecting renovation activity, would not prevent the Henry Hudson's transformation into a successful commercial hostelry. The brokers' task included preparing the mortgage application package, obtaining a bridge loan to acquire the condominium unit owned by WNET/Channel Thirteen, and negotiating construction and mezzanine financing at favorable terms.
The Examiner reported last month that the Church Lane hostelry had shut.
I WON'T SHED A TEAR An Englishman's shed is his castle and his mock Tudor house, hostelry, Canadian log cabin, eco pod and spinning summerhouse, according to Friday's final of Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year on Channel 4.
By JOAN ANTON JIMENEZ, head of the Federation of Hostelry and Tourism in Tarragona, Costa Dorada,
But now a hostelry that doesn't serve meals is very unusual.
An early 19th century hostelry with a convivial public bar and a cosy lounge.