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The gadflies and horseflies; a genus of biting flies, some species of which transmit surra, infectious equine anemia, anthrax, and other diseases.
[L. a gadfly]



horse fly

Any of numerous large biting tabanid flies, the females of which feed on the blood of various mammals.
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Anyone who is even partially inducted into the sacred teaching of Saint Construct immediately knows with absolute certainty that Kumar is a horsefly, not a gadfly.
Reopening of the river when water temperatures drop below 18 C is consistent with the Horsefly River Angling Management Plan, which was developed via a public consultation process.
You'll definitely know if you've been bitten as a horsefly bite are painful, itchy and develop into large, red, swollen bumps within minutes.
The Northumberland Wildlife Trust says you'll find horseflies between May and September, which means we're right at the peak of horsefly season.
How to deal with horsefly bites - and why they are so dangerous
The company is also a finalist for the Post-Expo / Postal Innovation Platform (PIP) Start-up Innovation Award for its HorseFly Unmanned Aerial Delivery System.
Missoula, MT, September 08, 2015 --( Celebrated filmmakers Horsefly Films will be in attendance as they bring their acclaimed films to the spiritual home of the horse in America.
Weld, you may have heard, targets this festival like a horsefly does a juicy piece of skin.
The 23-year-old university student from Horsefly, British Columbia, was proud of having captained the Canadian volleyball team to a third-place finish.