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The gadflies and horseflies; a genus of biting flies, some species of which transmit surra, infectious equine anemia, anthrax, and other diseases.
[L. a gadfly]



horse fly

Any of numerous large biting tabanid flies, the females of which feed on the blood of various mammals.
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Anyone who is even partially inducted into the sacred teaching of Saint Construct immediately knows with absolute certainty that Kumar is a horsefly, not a gadfly.
Populations in the southern mountains appear to be pollinated exclusively by the large horsefly Philoliche rostrata Linnaeus (Tabanidae).
There is also the chance some people can also suffer extreme allergic reactions to horsefly bites.
As premiere equine filmmakers, the two women behind Horsefly Films' have shot, directed, written and edited films crafted to resonate with audiences with both engaging stories and lush cinematography.
One of my colleagues ended up in a doctor's surgery with a very swollen leg after a horsefly attack.
The flies are the size of an English horsefly but much quicker and more robust.
Horsefly bites are more painful but again should not need medical attention.
Whether you're walking on the beach, in the country or by the sea, it's likely that you'll be bitten by a sandfly, horsefly, or just a normal midge at some stage this summer.
As the same horsefly was then gobbled up by a dragonfly, the emperor chose to rename the country in its honour.
Then again I scratched my arm badly on a bramble and when I looked there was a big horsefly.
The stable fly, horsefly and housefly torment and bite horses.
A post-mortem revealed she died from necrotising fasciitis, probably brought on by a bite from a horsefly.