horse chestnut

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A deciduous tree, the bark or fruit of which contains coumarins, flavonoids, saponins, tannins; it is believed to be anti-inflammatory; it is administered as an extract or decoction for arthritis, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, and to stimulate circulation; it is used topically for muscle pain and cramps
Toxicity HCs are poisonous, and may be fatal in children
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horse chest·nut

(hōrs chest'nŭt)
(Aesculus hippocastanum) The nuts from this tree, after preparation, are made into a liquid used for its purported value as a tonic and narcotic.
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The is the The fruit of the horse chestnut tree was first used for conker fights 200 years ago as a replacement to hazel, cobnut and snail shells.
"Horse chestnuts are being hit by leaf miner and bleeding canker," said Simon.
More recent studies indicate that escin (extracted from horse chestnut seeds) may also possess anti-inflammatory properties useful in reducing edema, swelling, and hemorrhoids.
We believe that by preparing for these threats through use of novel, environmentallybenign solutions, we will be able to anticipate and manage pests such as the horse chestnut leaf miner and prevent them from becoming a real threat in the future."
The spectacular horse chestnut tree stands on the banks of Afon Merddwr, by the bridge, next to the A5 in the centre of Pentrefoelas.
In late spring I was wandering down a road in Dublin looking at two of my favourite trees - relatively young horse chestnuts - growing in a corporate garden.
The trust said Cameraria ohridella, commonly know as horse chestnut leaf miner moth, has spread along the M40 corridor to Cardiff.
Jephson House, Manor Court Avenue, Nuenaton, works (feather/sucker and canopy lift) to seven limes, four horse chestnuts and one acer, estates department, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust.
The horse chestnut leaf miner has generated most calls to the RHS members' advisory service.
The buds of horse chestnut, elder, ash, and sycamore sit opposite each other.
Britain's horse chestnut trees are under attack from a "triple whammy" of pests, drought and disease, the organisers of the World Conker Championships warned yesterday.
Horse chestnut trees across the district are being struck by a parasitic fungus.