horizontal fracture

Gué·rin frac·ture

a fracture of the facial bones in which there is a horizontal fracture at the base of the maxillae above the apices of the teeth.

horizontal fracture

LeFort I fracture, see there.


Alphonse F.M., French surgeon, 1816-1895.
Guérin fold - Synonym(s): Guérin valve
Guérin fracture - a fracture of the facial bones. Synonym(s): horizontal fracture; Le Fort I fracture;
Guérin glands - Synonym(s): glands of the female urethra
Guérin sinus - a cul-de-sac or diverticulum behind the valve of the navicular fossa.
Guérin valve - a fold of mucous membrane sometimes found in the root of the navicular fossa of the urethra. Synonym(s): Guérin fold; valve of navicular fossa
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Immediate postoperative radiographs of the right knee on the same day of surgery (anterior-posterior view (c) and lateral view (d)) show not only a good position of the total knee arthroplasty with a well-aligned knee joint but also a horizontal fracture through the fabella with only minimal dislocation ((d) including magnified view of the fabella).
A horizontal fracture line was seen on labial side with its palatal sub gingival oblique extension (Fig.
Based on discussion with Schlumberger Well Services, Austin believes a rate of 125 barrels of initial production per stage of horizontal fracture is reasonable.
On clinical examination, it was found that there was a horizontal fracture line at the cervical margin of the tooth going deep towards the palatal side.
He just hasn't had the rub of the green in some of his races and last year he suffered a horizontal fracture of his shin bone, so he deserved to win one," said O'Keeffe.
In silt, horizontal fracture planes are smooth and parallel (Table 1, site 1) and in till they are rough and less parallel (many sites) (see Fig.
The horizontal fracture line does not extend to the intra-articular surface of the joint and respects the dorsal and lateral cortex of the tibia.
Intraoral examination showed Ellis class III horizontal fracture of left central and lateral incisor at the level of cervical third (Fig.
The content of the formation surrounding the 3,100 feet of horizontal wellbore apparently reduced the effectiveness of the horizontal fracture process and commercial rates of production were not readily achievable at this time.
As a result, the effect of stimulation using hydraulic fracturing is usually unsatisfactory because only horizontal fractures can be formed easily.
Horizontal fractures occur most frequently in the middlethird of the root and rarely in the apical-third [Caliskan and Pehlivan,1996; Andreasen et al.