horizontal bone loss

horizontal bone loss,

n a form of bone loss secondary to periodontal disease. This form of bone loss is more generalized than vertical bone loss and is characterized by the loss in height of the four walls surrounding the tooth roots. It may affect only the nearby teeth or may involve the entire dental arch.
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Then, intra-oral examination of the edentulous space showed a well managed space to symmetrically replace the missing right central incisor accord- ing to the left central incisor, a narrow alveolar crest indicating a horizontal bone loss at the site of the missing tooth.
The radiographic features revealed vertical bone loss in respect to mesial and distal aspect of 16 and 26 along with horizontal bone loss in upper anterior teeth and vertical bone loss in the mesial and distal aspect of 36 and mesial aspect of 46 (Fig: 3).
Also, horizontal bone loss in posterior mandibular area, super eruption of teeth #19, and 30, loss of occlusal vertical dimension, underdeveloped alveolar ridges, and bilateral infe- rior expansion of the maxillary sinus were noticed (Figure 3, and 4).