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n the abbreviation for high oxygen pressure.
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Likewise, the gate-voltage changes affect how readily electrons hop off the atoms to the segment of the wire on the other side of the gap.
Standard double-play depth means even with the bag in position to receive the ball on its first hop off the grass.
I hop off in Tingri as the other passengers head west out of Tibet via the one road that crosses into Nepal.
Sontag spent 186 nights on the road last year, but he's happy to hop off the global treadmill.
Experience everything Miami has to offer with our Tours4Fun Miami Sightseeing, Hop On, Hop Off 1, 2 or 3 Day Pass Tour.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication of open roof Double Decker tourist coach for operation as Hop on Hop off buses quantity three nos 3
Parking is restricted around the park and people are advised to use the hop on and hop off shuttle service which is on a loop from Derwentside College and various stops on the way.
A spokesman said: "We advised him it would probably hop off on its own, but he was adamant the frog was harassing him.
She said: "I lifted up the bar of the chairlift to hop off.