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n the abbreviation for high oxygen pressure.
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After all, many people jump in their cars and hop off to the big shopping centres that surround us like White Rose near Leeds and Sheffield's Meadowhall rather than go down to Huddersfield town centre and fiddle around looking for change to pay at the parking meter.
90), which the taxpayer has to pay, but there is only a small minority of us that would hop on and hop off the bus during the journey.
Here, the young'uns hop off a roller coaster moments before it derails, graphically tossing bodies into the wild black yonder.
How to get there Hop on the northern line and hop off at Oval, unsurprisingly.
The 30-seater bus has already begun circulating around the city centre every 15 minutes, allowing shoppers to hop on and hop off at six different locations.
Parents with any sense will hop off somewhere else.
Set your treadmill for whatever grade you want, and hop off for a rest at the appropriate intervals.
Likewise, the gate-voltage changes affect how readily electrons hop off the atoms to the segment of the wire on the other side of the gap.