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As you practice hooking the ball, be sure to remember that a hook won't be effective:
Descriptive social norms for hooking up were assessed with a single item adapted from Fielder and Carey (2010): "What percent of students would you say hook up at [school name]?
About 37% (n = 50) of the sample reported hooking up during the transition to college.
J hooks were more effective at hooking fish for many user group-species combinations (Fig.
The effect of hook type on deep hooking was species dependent.
Information on hook type, hooking location, and trauma (the presence of bleeding) was collected by the authors for all blue marlin, white marlin, and sailfish caught on trolled plain (naked) ballyhoo (Hemiramphus brasiliensis) baits during our PSAT tagging operations in the western North Atlantic from 2006 through 2009.
Hooking locations were classified as external when all or part of the hook was visible outside of the fish's mouth, including fish that were foul hooked (hooked in areas away from the fish's mouth), and internal if no part of the hook was visible when the fish's mouth was closed.
They conclude that while the capture efficiency for circle hooks was lower than for J-hooks, circle hooks appear to have potential to reduce deep hooking in stream trout.
Deep hooking and angling success when passively and actively fishing for stream-dwelling trout with baited J and circle hooks.
Hooking mortality was highest for fish that bled heavily and were deeply hooked.
Most of the time we nose-hook minnows with circles, but tail hooking works just fine when you choose a hook with enough shank for the minnow to slide out of the way of the hooking process.
The bent, offset shank allows the hook to rotate on the shank's axis when pulled, resulting in better hooking.