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1. The anterior part of the integument of soft ticks (family Argasidae) that extends over the capitulum and forms the roof of the camerostome.
2. An expanded, covering structure that resembles the hood of robe or cloak in shape or function, such as the extensor digital expansions that overly the dorsal aspect of the heads of the metacarpals.
[O.E. hōd, hat]
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hor·i·zon·tal lam·i·nar flow hood

(hōr'i-zon'tăl lam'i-năr' flō hud)
A laminar flow hood in which the air is pushed through a filter horizontally toward the user to maintain a sterile environment.

lam·i·nar flow hood

(lam'i-năr flō hud)
An enclosure in which air flow is directed so as to prevent contamination of sterile materials by airborne organisms.
Synonym(s): hood.

ver·ti·cal lam·in·ar flow hood

(vĕr'ti-kăl lam'i-năr flō hud)
A laminar flow hood in which the air is pushed through a filter vertically to protect the user from exposure to harmful materials.
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Cecil's stats with horses in hoods makes for impressive reading, with 11 wins from 36 runners (31 per cent strike-rate) generating a pounds 1 level-stake profit of pounds 18.25 and he underlined his expertise in this area when striking twice on the same card with hooded runners in Group races at Glorious Goodwood last week - Noble Mission (Gordon Stakes) and Chachamaidee (Lennox Stakes).
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The new family tree suggests that one subspecies of variable pitohui mimics its toxic neighbor, a hooded pitohui, the researchers report in the Oct.