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Critique: A comprehensive and thoroughly 'user friendly' instruction guide in both organization and presentation, "Automotive Machining: A Guide to Boring, Decking, Honing & More" is unreservedly recommended for personal, professional, school auto shop, community, and academic library Auto Repair collections.
Our objectives with the hone were to build a better product with less labor, and the honing machine has exceeded my expectations," said Pac-Nor Production Manager Casey Dichter.
The fastest way to get a really sharp edge is to use a honing guide.
Texas Honing will become part of Precision Castparts' Forged Products segment.
The company is constantly introducing new lines of machinery and support materials, the latest being a new automated honing cell for long bore honing.
Flex-Hone is a tool widely used throughout industry for de-burring, plateau honing and deglazing.
Electrochemical honing (ECH) has capabilities and potential to be developed as an alternative of conventional gear finishing processes and can play an important role as high-precision gear finishing method because being a hybrid machining process it has potential to overcome most the limitations of conventional gear finishing methods and at the same time offers most of the capabilities of the conventional gear finishing methods.
Key words: electrochemical honing (ECH), response surface methodology (RSM), box-behnken design (BBD), simulated annealing algorithm (SAA)
The product is suitable in honing applications where additives cannot be used such as nuclear and some aerospace parts, or where company policies discourage use of fluids with such additives.
In chemical, refining and wastewater operations, honing may be required to remove corrosion or the formation of clay, wax or other solids may prevent proper valve operation or block lubricants," Sullivan says.
67 and above in an automated environment, honing can control hole size with quarter-micron accuracy, correct geometric errors in the bore, and produce a specific surface finish with lubrication and seal enhancing properties.
For bore-type gears, the company found automated honing gave customers tighter control of bore size, roundness, straightness, and finish.