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Such procedure could save time and cost for the production of homozygote KO animals by breeding, especially in species that requires substantial length of gestation.
In particular, MTHFR A1298C homozygote mutation has been shown to lead to cerebrovascular thrombosis and stroke in children.
2000) studied a population of Northern European white and concluded a 4-10 fold lower risk of asthma for GSTP1 Val/Val homozygotes which corresponds to our own findings.
Those with MT1A (rs8052394) heterozygote GA and homozygote variant GG genotypes had lower hair mercury levels than did those with homozygote AA genotype (Table 5; see Supplemental Material, Figure 1d).
In our study, 5 patients were homozygote for HFE mutations, but only one for the C282Y.
People with the Trp460 allele has a lowered BP to greater levels in response to diuretic therapy and are more responsive to sodium challenges (25) compared with [alpha]-adducin Gly460Gly homozygotes.
11) Mean 24 h intragastric pH measured at intervals of 2 h in healthy Japanese normal homozygotes, heterozygotes and mutant homozygotes was 2.
Although most abnormal [beta]-chain variants show some level of functional abnormality, they reduce symptoms compared to a sickle cell homozygote because they do not polymerize like HbS and actually interfere with the polymerization of HbS molecules.
One F1 albino male was crossed with three different homozygote wild-type females and all F2 offspring had a wild-type phenotype.
Polymorphism in intron 4 of HFE may cause overestimation of C282Y homozygote prevalence in haemochromatosis [letter].
4) 0 Expected phenotype(b) Extensive metabolizer Homozygote 29 (70.