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In fungi, denoting a kind of sexual reproduction in which a nucleus of a thallus is capable of fusing with another nucleus from the same thallus or mating type. Compare: heterothallic.
[homo- + G. thallos, a young shoot]
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These difficulties could be overcome by using homothallic or heterothallic strains in mixedmating type cultures, marking them so that the frequencies of different types in mixed populations can be followed through time.
Sexual structures produced by Phytophthora species after mating are called oospores and are produced by a single individual in homothallic species, or when two individuals bearing different mating types come into contact in heterothallic species.
The causal agent is Plasmopara halstedii, an obligate biotroph oomycete from the Peronosporaceae family, diploid, homothallic, and can reproduce sexually and asexually.
Heterokaryosis: its significance in wild homothallic Ascomycetes and fungi imperfecti.
Description of zygospores in Tectimyces robustus and clarification on homothallic species within Harpellales.