homosexual intercourse

ho·mo·sex·u·al in·ter·course

(hō'mō-sek'shū-ăl in'tĕr-kōrs)
Oral, manual, and anal sexual stimulation between members of the same sex.
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Yemen 6 Married men in the Middle-East country may be punished by death for homosexual intercourse while unmarried men could face a year in prison.
The judge's language echoes that used in a decision by a Metn judge, Hisham al-Qantar, in 2016, in which he ruled that the phrase "contrary to nature" did not apply to homosexual intercourse. More recently, Judge Rabih Maalouf ruled in another Metn court in 2017 that "homosexuality is a personal choice and not a punishable offense." Maalouf's decision was appealed but was last year upheld by the Mount Lebanon Appeals Court - the first time such a decision was taken by a high-ranking court rather than individual judges.
He asked the court to determine whether as a "person" he is protected by Article 36 of the Constitution, and if so, whether his right to freedom of association had been infringed.The NGO board and the AG had argued that his right to freedom of association had not been infringed and if limited, such limitation can be justified on the basis of the criminalisation of homosexual intercourse in the Penal Code.
In nearly all of the cases, the virus was sexually transmitted mainly through homosexual intercourse.
An official of MOHW said during an interview on Monday that the new policy of barring donations from men who have had homosexual intercourse within five years, is planned to be gradually reduced from five years to one year.
'The victim was recorded walking into the suspect's room, where we believe they later engaged in homosexual intercourse,' Shahurinain said.
On the Nolan show, Rev McIlveen, God's own Jamie Bryson, described homosexual intercourse as "unnatural".
Sexual experiences included heterosexual and homosexual intercourse (for which the response options were yes or no), heterosexual and homosexual kissing and petting (for which the response options were yes or no).
The 2001 decision in Rivkin v Amalgamated Television Services (34) concerned a Channel 7 television broadcast that was alleged to have imputed inter alia that Rivkin and Wood had had homosexual intercourse and also that the police had reason to believe that they had had homosexual intercourse.
He was found guilty of having homosexual intercourse with a boy and had to leave Parliament, where he represented far-right Ataka party.
Some overtures urged the church to change its current stance and allow lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans persons in monogamous relationships to be married in Presbyterian churches and ordained as ministers, while others asked for a reaffirmation of the church's 1994 Statement on Human Sexuality, which considers homosexual intercourse a departure from God's created order and urges homosexual Christians to live in chastity.
Moreover, it is also criminal to have sexual intercourse which cannot lead to the conception of child that is heterosexual anal or oral intercourse or homosexual intercourse. Additionally, sexual intercourse in an adoption relationship are prohibited as well.