homosexual intercourse

ho·mo·sex·u·al in·ter·course

(hō'mō-sek'shū-ăl in'tĕr-kōrs)
Oral, manual, and anal sexual stimulation between members of the same sex.
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An official of MOHW said during an interview on Monday that the new policy of barring donations from men who have had homosexual intercourse within five years, is planned to be gradually reduced from five years to one year.
On the Nolan show, Rev McIlveen, God's own Jamie Bryson, described homosexual intercourse as "unnatural".
Sexual experiences included heterosexual and homosexual intercourse (for which the response options were yes or no), heterosexual and homosexual kissing and petting (for which the response options were yes or no).
The 2001 decision in Rivkin v Amalgamated Television Services (34) concerned a Channel 7 television broadcast that was alleged to have imputed inter alia that Rivkin and Wood had had homosexual intercourse and also that the police had reason to believe that they had had homosexual intercourse.
He was found guilty of having homosexual intercourse with a boy and had to leave Parliament, where he represented far-right Ataka party.
Our debate is specific: whether the view of the Presbyterian Church in Canada that sexual intercourse outside of heterosexual marriage, specifically homosexual intercourse, is or is not a departure from God's design for human sexuality.
Moreover, it is also criminal to have sexual intercourse which cannot lead to the conception of child that is heterosexual anal or oral intercourse or homosexual intercourse.
Coleman told the committee the outdated anti-sodomy law created confusion, noting that a fiscal analysis of his bill by state budget officials mistakenly stated that homosexual intercourse was still a crime.
1% of the students could name homosexual intercourse as a mode of transmission (Table 3).
In addition, just over one-third of patients report contracting the illness after homosexual intercourse, followed by 23 percent heterosexual.
From his writings and pronouncements, I can predict that there will be more practical measures that will "humanize" the implementation of the unchanging doctrine of the Church on such truths as the indissolubility of marriage, the openness to life that every marital intercourse should have, and the intrinsic disorder in every homosexual intercourse.
Homosexual intercourse is the second most common route at 9.