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Denoting a cell line that retains the original chromosome complement.
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Core correlation effects on the homonuclear diatomic molecules B2-F2," Theor.
To confirm the assignment, 2-D homonuclear double quantum filtered correlated spectroscopy (DQF-COSY) was recorded.
In this article, it is shown that the Cu-Cu Homonuclear macrocyclic complex catalyst serves as an effective catalyst for the oxidation of cyclohexane and gives faster reaction with product specificity different from Fe-Cu complex catalyst reported in our earlier work (Shul'pin, 2002).
Los compuestos fueron caracterizados mediante el analisis de los correspondientes datos espectroscopicos de: ultravioleta (UV), infrarrojo (IR), resonancia magnetica nuclear de protio ([sup.1]H RMN), resonancia magnetica nuclear de carbono-13 ([sup.13]C RMN), incluyendo en algunos casos Analisis Bidimensional de Resonancia Homonuclear ([sup.1]H-H-RMN) y Heteronuclear (H-[sup.13]C RMN).
To take a picture of my brain the labmen use magnetic resonance scanners introducing into every atom of my flesh and blood heteronuclear and homonuclear shifted spins inducing transitions between two energy levels, the process resulting in a saturation, the spins reaching a thermal equillibrium with their surroundings, opening the organism photo-electrically to its clinical surroundings populated by who knows what kind of incubii, succubii, sanitary-induced viruses.
It begins with an introduction to the techniques themselves, it defines the underlying concepts and, once the appropriate terminology has been presented, it sequentially introduces a whole variety of pulse sequences in an orderly fashion from the homonuclear decoupling processes to the heteronuclear ones (short- and long-range decouplings are discussed).
Thermal behavior of the metal nitrates, diol solutions, suggests the formation of a homogeneous mixture of homonuclear Fe(III) and Co(II) carboxylates.
Freeman, "NMR quantum logic gates for homonuclear spin systems," Chemical Physics Letters, vol.
Figure 1 shows that both heteronuclear and homonuclear bonds exist in the system.
Hxcoqf and inv41plrndqf heteronucleair pulse programs were used respectively for CHCorr and HMBC experiments; 2D homonuclear correlation pulse programs, Cosyqf45 and Cosyqfrl were used for COSY experiments.