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Denoting a cell line that retains the original chromosome complement.
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To confirm the assignment, 2-D homonuclear double quantum filtered correlated spectroscopy (DQF-COSY) was recorded.
Perinatal foul play Interruption of the coalescence of tissue Smoke in the womb Heteronuclear and homonuclear shifted spins Inducing transitions between two energy levels The process resulting in a saturation The spins reaching a thermal equillibrium
It enables undergraduate NMR laboratories to incorporate many new experiments, from a broad range of pre-installed 1-D FT-NMR spectra and various relaxation experiments to numerous, information-rich 2-D homonuclear or heteronuclear correlations.
Hxcoqf and inv41plrndqf heteronucleair pulse programs were used respectively for CHCorr and HMBC experiments; 2D homonuclear correlation pulse programs, Cosyqf45 and Cosyqfrl were used for COSY experiments.
In the homonuclear version (see for instance the INADEQUATE sequence in Fig.
It is based on the application of multiple pulse homonuclear decoupling.
13] (HBBD and DEPT [theta] = 135), with the contribution from bidimensional spectra of a homonuclear correlation of hydrogen and hydrogen ([H.