homologous series

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ho·mol·o·gous ser·ies

a series of organic compounds, the succeeding members of which differ from each other by the moiety CH2 (as in the fatty series).

homologous series

In chemistry, compounds that proceed from one to the next by some constant such as a CH2 group.
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homologous series (h·mˑ·l·gs sirˑ·ēz),

n compounds that have the same general formula and similar properties (physical and chemical) but differ by the number of methylene groups.
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This equilibrium does not interact with the equilibrium within the homologous series.
The hydrocarbon homologous series are the first partial equilibrium.
Individual names should not be given to members of variable-fit homologous series (see a previous section).
The crystal structure of various homologous series have been investigated in this laboratory.