homologous artificial insemination

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homologous artificial insemination

Reproduction medicine The insertion of sperm from the husband or regular partner into the uterus by means other than by intercourse. See Artificial insemination. Cf Heterologous artificial insemination.
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(in-sem?i-na'shon) [ ¹in- + semination]
1. The discharge of semen from the penis into the vagina during coitus.
2. The fertilization of an ovum.

artificial insemination

Abbreviation: AI
Mechanical placement of semen containing viable spermatozoa into the female reproductive tract.
Synonym: artificial fecundation; artificial impregnation; artificial semination

artificial insemination by donor

Abbreviation: AID
Donor artificial insemination.

donor artificial insemination

Abbreviation: AID
Artificial insemination of a woman with sperm from an anonymous donor. The procedure is generally done in cases in which the husband is sterile.
Synonym: therapeutic donor insemination; artificial insemination by donor

heterologous artificial insemination

Abbreviation: AID
Artificial insemination in which the semen is obtained from a donor other than the husband or partner.

homologous artificial insemination

Abbreviation: AIH
Husband artificial insemination.

husband artificial insemination

Abbreviation: AIH
Use of a husband's sperm to artificially inseminate his wife.
Synonym: Homologous artificial insemination

therapeutic donor insemination

Donor artificial insemination.
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