homologous antiserum

ho·mol·o·gous an·ti·se·rum

an antiserum in which there is complete correspondence between the content of antibodies and the antigenic material used for producing the antiserum.
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Moreover, none of the antiserum samples tested reacted strongly with A/black swan/Akita/1/2016 (H5N6) except for the homologous antiserum. These results indicate that the HA antigenicity of the H5N6 HPAIVs recently introduced in Japan differ appreciably from those of the previous H5Nx viruses.
The cytotoxic activities of purified LCE were neutralized by homologous antiserum, presenting reciprocal titers of 1:1024, partially neutralized by anti-LT-1 produced by enterotoxigenic E.
The homologous antiserum used was prepared according to the method described by Gautam et al.