homologous antigen

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ho·mol·o·gous an·ti·gen

the specific antigen that generates the formation of an antibody that in turn can react with that antigen.
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In the serological diagnosis of leishmaniasis, using either IFA or ELISA assays, the homologous antigen gives higher sensitivity when compared to the heterologous antigen, which gives unspecific reactions with antibodies of people without leishmaniasis and with carriers of other pathologies.
Use of recombinant-derived homologous antigens, which has preceded the isolation of the virus in cell culture, should improve the sensitivity and specificity of results obtained with available heterologous antigens.
IL-17 production by flagellin a- or flagellin b-immunized T cells when stimulated with the homologous antigen was significantly higher than that of T cells stimulated with heterologous antigen (P < 0.05; Figures 7(c) and 7(d) and Figures 7(e) and 7(f)).