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(hō′mə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl, hŏm′ə-) also



ho′mo·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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Chief among these was the homological relation between skin, screen, and page: each a manifestation of a "unique plane"--what we might today call an interface--that unites mind, body, and world.
The language of homological identity can then become profoundly misleading.
match] reduces to be the bottleneck distance under the restriction that the measuring functions are tame (we recall that a continuous real function f : M - R is tame if it has a finite number of homological critical values and the homology groups [H.
1] [member of] AB, are called inscribed ortho homological triangles if the perpendiculars in [A.
The homological resemblance between these raced and classed processes is precisely what Naylor's novel succeeds in exposing.
Ahora bien, este vinculo que constituye la forma (entre el espiritu del ser y su entorno) frente a la formacion, se establece sobre dos categorias de imitari (entendiendo que, tanto como vivencia fenomenologica, el ser intenta imitar a partir de la interaccion con la realidad): una mimetica y otra homological (35).
Further comparative studies are required to identify the homological patterns of serotonergic cells in various molluscan lineages.
The homological objective is to understand the relationship between a firm's choice of e-provider evaluation criteria and its performance outcomes.
There is the presence of a double population of haematids (blood corpuscles), which implies there has been a blood transfusion with homological (the same type of) blood.
7) As with the phenomenon of humanism, the genealogy is principally homological rather than linear-causal: James Burbage didn't build the Theater in 1576 outside London's city walls because he learned that Italian actors in Florence were outfitting, in the very same year, the Teatro della Baldracca (which had a liminal location comparable to that of the Southwark amphitheaters: affixed to the back end of the Medici palace, but giving onto a street dotted with taverns and brothels).
An archaeologist must first implement the culture-historical approach, then the contextual approach, and finally either the intuitive, analogical, or homological approach.
Where positional homology can be determined, either from natural assemblages or by direct comparison with natural assemblages, an expressly homological notation identifying P1_4, M, and [S.