A polysaccharide consisting of only one type of monosaccharide subunit (for example, glucan). Compare: heteroglycan, glycan.
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Cetrarioid lichens, one of the most studied groups of lichens in the Parmeliaceae (lichen-forming Ascomycetes) family, are designated by their morphology with "foliose/subfruticose thalli with marginal apothecia and pycnidia", and chemically they contain lichenan, which is a linear [beta]-(1 [right arrow] 3, 1 [right arrow] 4) homoglycan (Nelsen et al.
Olafsdottir and Ingolfsdottir (2001) proposed the taxonomic potential of lichen polysaccharides, but in a later study the use of homoglycans (i.e.